Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Entry Level

Hi !! This' just an amatuerish shot at what-this-all-is & by no means is gathering of critical acclaim , the end to it . I.T. was never my forte , HTML's just another hackneyed jargon & the computer's just the internet arrayed over 1200 X 800 . My creative writing that is , is just vocabulary that's recycled , marinated , garnished & served piping hot straight from my grey matter ; enriched due to all the reading that were once the staple diet , salt & spice of life of  a bygone era .

Disclaimer :- Some of these jot downs may sound kinda immature or even downright childish . Writing's never been my hobby & God forbid it becoming any1's proffession . There's also no storm brewing in my tea cup nor am I under the delusion that writing can bring about any change in the world order , considering the self centered times we live in . These words are just the manifest of a doodling urge which come up, off & on since I am stuck at a phase of life where there seems to be plenty of time . So for all those who had to endure this unendurable , a word of solace is offered .

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  1. Interesting preface!!!
    thanks for dropping by...